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Intelligence Analytics Summit 2018 : Newest Developments in Robotics & Autonomous Systems

We are pleased to announce our media partnership with the Intelligence Analytics Summit 2018

Intelligence Analytics brings together thought leaders to discuss overcoming challenges in the intelligence community and the direction forward. At the 2017 summit we learned from the U.S. Air Force, FBI, NGA, DHS, ODNI (to name a few) how streamlining analytics and integrating systems will enhance the capabilities to process, exploit and disseminate information. Key themes running throughout 2018 summit will include adopting real time analytics, leveraging social media and open source intelligence to support field operations and increasing the use of artificial intelligence and automation to increase productivity.

Advancing robotics and autonomous systems has been a major initiative for the Department of Defense for more than 20 years. These types of systems have the potential to completely change the capabilities and future strategies of the Department of Defense. Getting new technologies in the hands of our Nation’s defense will ultimately help us to achieve domain superiority, freedom of maneuver, and will completely alter the way we protect our nation.

Learn about the newest developments in robotics and Autonomous systems as it relates to the Military

What will be covered?

  • Funding and Procurement of Robotic and Autonomous Technology

  • Improving Robotic and Autonomous Capabilities

  • Increasing Situational Awareness

  • Advances in Artificial Intelligence

  • Maximizing Robotic and Autonomous Management

  • Strengthening Human-Autonomous System Interaction

  • Cyber Protection for Robotic and Autonomous Systems

  • And more

P.S. Register for the Robotics & Autonomous Systems Event use code: RAS_AIDATA to save up to $400 off standard pricing. Register here

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